Law Enforcement Support

Police Officers Association of Michigan Endorses Tom Leonard

Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Tom Leonard

Flint Police Officers Association Endorses Tom Leonard

Sheriffs Statewide Support Leonard for AG

“As a sheriff, I’ve seen too many weak-kneed politicians and bad actors – that’s not Tom Leonard. Tom is a man of conviction with the right experience, qualifications, and leadership necessary to stand up for law enforcement and keep the people of Michigan safe.”

Tom Leonard Will Deliver Justice for Victims

“Tom Leonard’s experience makes him precisely the person we need in the attorney general’s office. Having worked with Tom, I know he’s going to be a no-nonsense kind of attorney general; he will deliver justice for victims.”

Tom Leonard Had Our Back

“Tom dealt with some of the worst crime in the state. In 2010, Genesee County set a new record for homicides. Tom had to prosecute all sorts of crimes, including homicides, sexual assaults, and serious assaults. Throughout all of this, Tom Leonard had our back.”

Tom Has a Passion for Police Work

“I realized early on that Tom was special. Not only did he consult with our officers and do excellent legal work, he would also take the time to actually ride along on our raids and come on to the scene to ensure our teams were successful. It’s clear to me that Tom has a passion for police work that’s rare to an attorney.”

Tom Wanted to Ensure We Brought the Best Case Possible To Ensure Justice

“Tom has a great passion for helping the elderly. His thoroughness made me a better investigator – he wanted to ensure we brought the best case possible to deliver justice for victims. After working with Tom, it’s clear to me you couldn’t make a better choice than to elect Tom Leonard as our next attorney general.”