Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has devastated far too many Michigan families, and it is impacting communities all across our state. We need to look at every side of this problem if we are going to solve it. The simple truth is criminalizing opioid addiction is not always the right answer. For real healing to occur, we need to treat those suffering from addiction with compassion and care. But there can be no leniency for criminals who are responsible for this suffering.  I held criminals accountable as an assistant prosecutor in Genesee County, and I will hold them accountable as Michigan’s top law enforcement officer.

Protect Our Seniors

Michigan’s seniors are being ripped off every day. They are being scammed and preyed upon, all too often by those who are closest to them. My first bill when I became a state representative increased penalties for people who abused our seniors. It was a priority I brought with me to Lansing from my time as an assistant prosecutor in Genesee County. As a prosecutor, I saw first-hand many awful schemes which preyed upon seniors time and again. Now we are putting a stop to them in the state Legislature. As your next attorney general, I will continue to lead on this issue and protect our most vulnerable Michiganders.

Common Core

I am the only attorney general candidate who has opposed Common Core since day one. Foundational issues like local control and parental choice have been primary concerns of mine from the beginning, not just when they became politically expedient.

Sanctuary Cities

One of the greatest threats to public safety in Michigan and across the country is sanctuary cities. As your next attorney general, I will stand strong opposing any attempt to expand sanctuary cities in our great state.

Right to Life

I have always been pro-life, and I believe protecting life is one of the most important things we can do as conservatives. I have fought for our children on this issue my entire life, and I will continue to advocate for the unborn as your next attorney general.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment stands for our right to keep and bear arms in order to protect our individual freedom. As your next attorney general, I will protect and preserve these rights for future generations.

Free Speech

The First Amendment is under attack at our public universities. College campuses are supposed to be a place for young people to learn and grow, by allowing and encouraging the free flow of ideas and opinions. Unfortunately, political correctness and the fear of offending somebody has created an atmosphere where free speech is being oppressed. As your next attorney general, I will protect and restore the First Amendment.